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Contrary to popular beliefs, waist training is an art form that takes years of practice, trial and error to create the perfect hourglass figure.  It can easily take 2.5 years to sculpt the perfect natural curves. Most women spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on different waist trainers. As your waist gets smaller, you will need to purchase smaller waist trainers. The best quality and best performance waist trainers can easily run you over $150.00 .  To avoid wasting money when it comes to purchasing these expensive high-quality garments, it's best to not but cheaply made trainers. Avoiding injury and minimizing any risk that may come with this lifestyle should be your main concern and not "where can I get one for cheap? ".  Don't make the mistake of some extremist and embarrass yourself and family by ending up on the news with a headline reading " Obsessed waist trainer collapses in a twerk contest. The cause of this was all because she wore two waist trainers to the club . " 
This is definitely an item you should splurge on . Cheaply made waist trainer with plastic boning can break and stab you anywhere . Also, waist trainers made from nonmedical grade latex can cause deadly allergic reactions.  These are the most important things to keep in mind when shopping for waist trainers. 

Scroll down to learn about the different styles of waist trainers. 

Sports Waist Trainer. 
Great for working out in. Will help you burn more calories during cardio.
Comes in a variety of colors and prints. 

Classic Latex Waist Trainer. 
The most effective trainer for aggressive waist shaping. 
Melts the most calories during cardio. 

Zip and Clip Waist Trainer.
The zip and clip trainer is ideal to wear under your clothes when you need great support and want to look your best under any clothes you wear. 

Queen Shit

Swim suits for your body type.

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